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  • 10.11. - three instrumental hiphop tunes:

  • 16.10. - one metalcore wip!:

  • 28.5. - a Daft Punk pastische in progress:

  • 22.12. - a few work in progress:

  • 29.8. - I'm heading to Japan in march and decided to produce a short theme tune for the upcoming trip: Not Alone In Kyoto (download via Jamendo)
  • 27.7. - finnish World of Warcraft guild Paragon took world first kill of the current end boss of the game and I produced a few custom tunes for their video. You can download the soundtrack here.
  • 27.7. - new project homepages: Celestial Aeon Project - Project Divinity - Frozen Silence


I'm a composer/producer from Finland and have produced mainly instrumental music since 2001. My main projects revolve around soundtrack, ambient and minimalism genres. I release my music under Creative Commons but offer commercial licences via french I have been one of the most licenced artists on Jamendo for three years now. I have specialized in producing traditional orchestral soundtrack tunes, but also electronic ambient soundscapes and more modern crossover tunes that integrate virtual orchestra with electronic patterns and elements.


Some of my albums are now available on Spotify as well, feel free to tune in!


My music has been integrated widely these past few years into various projects as background music ranging from webpages to commercials and DVD marketing products. I have been responsible for the music production of the following two Elisa promotion videos:

The videos were produced by Dicole. I have also released collections of my tunes as music addon packs for popular computer RPG Oblivion and they have received warm welcome and a large following:

Not so recent news

  • 30.5. - quite a few albums of mine are now available on Spotify as well, tune in! My projects on Spotify
  • 27.5. - new webpage and Facebook integration. Drop in to say hi!
  • 25.5. - Dicole produced yet another wonderful video for elisa and I was responsible for the soundtrack. Enjoy Global, Local, Personal:

  • 8.4. - I've been listening a lot to Elbow's newest album and it's last tune, Dear Friends is one of the most beautiful tunes I've ever heard. So I decided to make a cover version of it. Hope you enjoy it!

  • 26.3. - I want to make one thing clear - even though finnish christian campaign Nuotta used one of my tunes in their promotional video I DO NOT agree with many of their views, values nor ideas they represent and work towards, especially when it comes to sexuality and gay rights. The Creative Commons licence allows them to use the tune without asking me directly, and I heard of the integration only afterwards and got a bit furious especially as my name was mentioned in the credits in a video, which basically stated that homosexual people can "cure" their state via prayer.
    Sadly this is the problem with Creative Commons - I cannot control where the music is used and how, and sometimes things like this happen. I just want to clarify, that I do not believe that homosexuality is something that "should be cured".
  • 17.2. - two new Creative Commons Jamendo releases from Celestial Aeon Project:

  • 3.12. - there's nothing quite like producing ex-tempore emo-industrial tune to cheer up yourself, if you are feeling a bit down. Totally hilarious lyrics, over the top guitar solos and way too much compression.

  • 1.8. - I decided to try fooling around with guitar effects and produced this simple electronic idea:

  • 23.6. - My music was integrated into a wonderful presentation by Dicole:

  • 6.6. - Another studio session, another tune. Nostalgic trip to 90s and the computer game soundtracks of the era.

  • 5.6. - Summer vacation began finally and I celebrated the freedom by producing a swashbuckling tune called "Pirates of the Baltic":

  • 30.5. - Two new short Jamendo releases - "Fable" and "Epic", orchestral soundtrack madness:

  • 16.5. - I've listened to I'm not a Gun quite a lot lately and decided to try and produce simple, minimalistic and jazzy tune. Here's Drift:

  • 9.5. - I recorded a cover of the magnicifent Dead Can Dance cover "In the Kingdom of the Blind the one-eyed are kings" by Ulver. Hope you enjoy it!

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