Royalty Free music

You can download all my stock music for free from Jamendo homepages:

Celestial Aeon Project - instrumental music / epic music
Project Divinity - ambient / chill-out / electronic
Frozen Silence - piano music / guitar music / minimalistic
Matti Paalanen - various atmospheres and styles ranging from jazz to darkwave
Axial Ensemble - electronic ambient (collaboration with Arttu Kataja)

Commercial use?

If you are looking for royalty free instrumental music for commercial projects, such as films, background music for office/café or whatever your heart desires, feel free to check out the wonderful licencing options offered by
Be sure to use the promotion code Michikawa to get 10% discount for your licences:

You can also find my material on Royalty free music @ AudioJungle

Creative Commons - free to listen and share

My instrumental music projects mainly revolve around producing royalty free background music that mostly resembles ambient, new age, neo classical or new wave / dark wave for various atmospheres and situations. I do not belong to copyright organizations such as finnish teosto, and have chosen Creative Commons for my publication licence. Hence the material is free to download, copy and listen to as long as your intent is non-commercial and non-profitable. The official licence is:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Licence.


My main influences include such artists/projects as Future World Music, Two Steps From Hell, Hans Zimmer, Jeremy Soule and many others.


Some of my albums are now available on Spotify as well, feel free to tune in!

Hopefully you'll find what you are looking for from my instrumental music selections! Feel free to browse the projects and leave comments!